Brent Brockmueller: A Reflection from a Long-time Resident Director

Jenna Ratzlaff – Horizon Photo Editor

Brent Brockmueller, also known as Dogg, knows Hesston College. In fact, he has dedicated the last 11 years of his life to being Resident Director. After the 2017-2018 school year, Dogg and his wife, interim registrar Angie Brockmueller, will be moving to South Dakota to take over his family’s farm.

“We’ll be raising animals (primarily cattle) and growing corn, beans and alfalfa,” said Brockmueller. “Angie will continue to work for the college from our home on the farm.  I will likely need to find other work off of the farm as well.”

As Dogg’s time as a Resident Director comes to a close, he leaves behind words of advice for current and future students at Hesston and reflects on some of his favorite memories.

(Photos courtesy of Brockmueller)

Year 1: 2005-2006 – A bunch of guys dressed up and went out to eat at Newell’s for “Lumberjack Flapjack Night.”



Year 2: 2006-2007 Dogg hanging out with the RAs – “One of these students was not picked to be an RA for that year, but instead they took it as a challenge as to find other ways to be involved. That’s the proudest I have ever been of a student.”
Year 3: 2007-2008. “This is one of my favorite memories. One the way back for Spring semester, these guys took a shortcut and called me to come help them get out.”
Year 4: 2008-2009 – The Office, HC Edition
Year 5: 2009-2010 Dogg hanging out with a group of students – “Cherish your friendships.”
Year 6: 2010-2011 Dogg and Angie helping out with photos for a Christmas CAB activity – “We did Tacky Christmas Sweater photoshoots for a CAB activity and this was our adopted daughter.”
Year 7: 2013-2014  Connecting with former students – “A highlight for me has always been when former students come back to visit, especially when it is as far away as Japan.”
Year 8: 2014-2015 Feast of Carols with Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Megan Baumgartner, current RD, at left) –  “Always be nice to the students, you never know when you might end up working with one of them.”
Year 9: 2015-2016 Service trip down to Mexico to build a house with students – “Serving others is rarely something you regret.”
Year 10: 2016-2017 A night around the fire pit – “Enjoy those around you. Sometimes it is important to just sit.”
Year 11: 2017-2018 Members of the Student Development Staff –  “You are always stronger as a team.”

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