Campus Activities Board offers break from stress

By David Flores Cano

College might be stressful and hard, so sometimes we just need a break. Luckily Hesston College has a Campus Activities Board, also known as CAB, that plans student events. Is an organization to get students involved through entertaining, diverse, educational, and engaging events.

The board is run by Carla Lahey and staffed by five students known as “cabbies” who meet every week and plan new projects. They brainstorm new activities to try for the first time, do the set-up, clean-up and help around the event.

Lahey describes some strategies the board uses to make these activities interesting. 

Students playing “Rapid Fire” at a CAB event in 2015.

“Last year they had a poll and asked students what they might be interested in having at CAB,” she said. “Some of the events came from students’ suggestions. For instance they did a movie night and it was suggested by a student and it was a good event. Many people came.” 

A big draw for students is that the events are cheap, and they often include free food. 

There are some events that are really famous in Hesston College history, such as the lip sync battle, karaoke night, bunco, and ice skating. David Norton, a staff member of CAB says “a good cab event is an event where everyone feels welcomed and everyone feels involved. The more participants, the better. It has to be fun and entertaining. Something that people look forward too, and has to be cheap so everyone can afford it.” 


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