God hits the big screen

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By Nick Yoder – Horizon Staff Reporter

With movies such as “Son of God,” “God is not Dead,” “Heaven is for Real,” and the recent blockbuster “Noah,” you could say that God is making his presence known on the big screen. But with all of the attention surrounding these so called “Christian” films it is important to know what to expect if you want to watch them.

I have not been able to watch all of them, but I have seen close friends go toe-to-toe in disagreement on whether or not these movies are worth watching. There is the argument that the movies have so many Biblical inaccuracies that the purpose has been lost amongst the flashing lights and fight scenes. The opposite argument is that the movie is not meant to follow the Bible exactly, but should spark the viewers interest so that they feel compelled to read the story for themselves.

In order to best experience these movies it is best to throw all expectations out the window. I had the opportunity to watch “Noah” this week and had mixed feelings. “Noah” was filled with poor theology, poor biblical following, and filled with the over exaggerations of Hollywood. The viewer is constantly bombarded by flashing lights and bloody “Old Testament” violence. Not to mention the overall redemptive theme is all but lost.

As I watched the movie in theaters I sat with a growing sense of anger at the filmmakers. I felt as though they took Noah and made him into a completely different man than the Noah in the Bible. However, after being away from the movie for a few days I have come to a greater appreciation of the movie. The flaws of Noah are shown, making the movie a great example of how God can use anyone, regardless of their flaws. It also exemplifies the dedication of Noah following the voice of God, even though it makes us question what kind of man Noah really is.

“Noah” is worth watching, if only to experience a new perspective to the bible story. The movie will challenge you in your beliefs, and like all “Christian” movies should be watched with a grain-of-salt.

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