Hoping For A New Beginning


by Victory Cortez – Horizon Sports Editor

The Hesston College Men’s Soccer team has played seven seasonal games. But with no wins on their record, it’s been a tough season for the boys so far. However, Garrett Byler, a sophomore with a captain-like attitude gives encouraging feedback on how the boys can come together, so that the team can pull through.

Sophomore Garrett Byler (Photo by Larry Bartel, HC Marketing and Communication)
Sophomore Garrett Byler (Photo by Larry Bartel, HC Marketing and Communication)

Although losing may sound rough, according to Byler, “It’s all a learning experience. A lot of the freshmen are adapting to the speed of the game because it’s a lot faster in college. Last year I felt the same way with the change, but then I felt comfortable with the change. I anticipate everyone else getting to that higher level as well.”

In the future, Byler hopes to grow individually and improve as a team because after all, a team is a team. They win together and lose together.

Freshman Defense player Nate Gingerich said that the key to winning is getting to know each player’s habits on a team that replaces half its players every year, a tough reality of a two-year school.

Freshman Nate Gingerich (Photo by Larry Bartel, HC Marketing and Communication)

“I think we haven’t played together long enough to really build a team atmosphere,” he said. “We don’t know how everyone plays, yet because we haven’t been playing together long enough to know each other’s habits.”

Gingerich also shared what his hopes and expectations are for the Men’s soccer team. He states, “I hope that we learn each other’s playing habits as the season goes on, and we could grow as a team and become closer on the field.”

Both Byler and Gingerich have high hopes and expectations that the team will improve as the season goes on. With eleven games left, let’s all anticipate a team that works together and shows what they can really do.

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