New RAs face student life changes in 2014-2015

1176226_214168592072789_1410462811_nby Nick Yoder – Horizon Staff Reporter

Student Life released the names of the 2014-2015 resident assistants on March 21. Along with the typical learning curve, the new RAs have additional challenges: New leadership and dorm changes.

In a March 25 e-mail to faculty and staff, President Howard Keim announced two interim appointments in student life, replacing current Vice President of Student Life Lamar Roth. Starting May 1, Joel Kauffman will serve as Interim Vice President of Student Life and Rob Ramseyer will serve as Interim Dean of Students.

Both Kauffman and Ramseyer will continue in their current roles: Kauffman as athletic director and Ramseyer as head baseball coach.

Other RAs face changes in location, including freshman Ryan Dungan.

“I’m here in KC right now, but next year I’ll be in Erb,” said Dungan. “I’m trying to get prepared to be a little more busy.”

Students also anticipate the closing of C mod, in Kauffman Court. There are fewer people staying on campus so the need for all mods to be open is unnecessary. In order to create a more efficient campus a mod was chosen to be shut down.

But Dungan has his mind on current issues.

“Right now I’m just doing some preliminary stuff: figuring out mod sister, mod parents, and going to all the training dates,” said Dungan.

Another challenge will be working with new resident directors. Three of the four RDs are leaving in order to pursue alternative careers. The new RAs will need to adjust to the new RDs in order to create a sense of community on campus.

“It’s really just going to be about figuring out what [the new RDs] want us to do as RAs and finding something to work out between us,” said Dungan. “I really want to provide a good Hesston Experience. I want to do my best job to help [students] have the best time.”

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