New Sandwich Bar provides access to food between meals

By Teo Soler – Horizon Business Editor

One of the biggest surprises students got to enjoy after Christmas break was the change in the cafeteria: The buffet line was redesigned in order to best fit the needs and wants of the students.

Now there’s an expanded deli bar at the entrance of the lunch line, available during lunch and dinner Monday-Friday and “as needed” for athletes and coaches. Now they can make up their own snack or meal before games.

Jessica Miller, Director of Food Service says the change is student-focused.

“In order to better serve the student athletes, the sandwich bar provides an option between the meals,” Miller said.  

Miller responded to athlete’s concerns, introducing the sandwich bar. The change expands the meal possibilities in the cafeteria and addresses demand.

“Sandwiches were always very popular,” Miller said.

Because they’re so popular, students usually ended up waiting due to long line at every meal. So it’s not surprising that he overall response to this new initiative is positive. Freshman Thane Russey says it’s a step in the right direction.  

“It is a good deal!” he said. “It offers more options and allow students to make up their own meal.”  

Along with this initiative, the Larks Nest snack shop is now open Tuesdays from 2-4 p.m. Miller hopes to expand those hours to Thursdays 12-2 with lunch specials available.  

Looking ahead, Miller’s goal is to continue to offer greater options and availability. She plans to conduct a student survey in April in order identify the needs of students. I have plenty of ideas, but I am curious to see what is needed before I implement any more changes,” she said.

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