Pranks: How far is too far?

by Tihani Palomares – Opinion Editor

As a college student living on campus can get boring at times. In between classes, homework and extra curricular activities often we need a little break, something to lighten the mood and spark a good laugh between friends. Pranks play a big part in living in the dorms with other students. Whether it is small or big, they are almost destined to happen. The question is, how far is going too far?

When I asked some students how they felt about pranks, most agreed that they were okay. Dennis Marcellino, a sophomore, said that “everyone pranks each other.” He goes on to say that as long as there was no damage done to the property then it should be fine. Freshmen Cheyenne Cherubini agrees that pranks are fun and looks forward to seeing what is going to happen in the upcoming school year. Nathanael Ressler adds another viewpoint: “The more creative they are and the less destructive they are the better.”

But that’s the fine line that could very easily be crossed. How do you determine whether you have gone too far in a prank?

Cheyenne Cherubini (freshmen)
Cheyenne Cherubini (freshmen)

“It’s gone too far if people get hurt or if people cry,” Cherubini said.

Ressler concentrates more on the physical rather than emotional destructiveness of a prank: “If they are not harmful and fairly easy to clean up then they are awesome.”

Nathanael Ressler (sophomore)
Nathanael Ressler

For the most part I think that we can all come to this conclusion. It’s clear we should all think before we act so we do not have to deal with any unwanted consequences such as a fine from the school or actually physically hurting someone.

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