Smith Center basement drinking fountain: An oldie but a goodie

by Zachary Headings – Zenith Columnist (April Fool’s Day Edition)

The basement of Smith Center is filled with antiquated equipment, older classrooms, and sports a darker lighting scheme that doesn’t seem to match the rest of the college buildings. These effects give the basement a gloomy feel, at least to my eyes. But one thing that stands out from the morose feeling is the drinking fountain. Situated between the two bathrooms at the northern end of the foreboding hallway, this drinking fountain is wonderful in every way.

It’s not much to look at. With its older style, rusted edges, and three separate buttons (two of which aren’t functional), many students may walk right past it, thinking that anything that old couldn’t possibly be functional. Students who think this way are missing out, because this fountain is the best one on campus.

The Best Water Fountain at Hesston College, located in Smith Center’s basement.

Of the three visible buttons, the one on the spigot is the functional one. Depress that, and you’re presented with a high arching, powerful stream of water for your enjoyment. Landing perfectly with little splatter, the fountain drains properly and does not make a mess for our valiant janitorial staff to clean up.

You can take my word for it, but I encourage you: Stop by Smith Center sometime and give this water fountain a try. You won’t be disappointed. It truly is an oldie, but a goodie.

About the author: Zachary Headings is a Sophomore at Hesston College where he is completing an Associates of General Studies. His primary focus is music, but dabbles in other things like writing and astronomy. In his spare time, he drinks out of drinking fountains and washes his hands in sinks. In the future, he would love to work for a hardware manufacturer, testing drinking fountains and sinks. He would love to hear your feedback on his writing, and wants to hear what you want reviewed. Anything is fair game: Toilets, sinks, and fountains. Nothing is out of the question. You can leave comments here or send him an email at

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