Souls fed, bodies tired: Youth ministries students explore worship in Kansas City

By Harvey Brow – Horizon Opinion Writer

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of taking a field trip to Kansas City with Kevin Wilder’s youth programming class, and Michelle Hershberger’s youth ministry seminar class. The goal of the trip was to check out the different types of youth ministries. I’d like to reflect on two experiences that were the most meaningful to me.

We all jumped in the van around 6 a.m. and headed to our first stop, Jacob’s Well.  This was a very modern type of worship service and closely geared to the younger generation. One of the most interesting things about this church was that they write their own music so that everybody can worship God at the same level. We heard a great sermon about how our God is awesome and that we have no need to worry about what He has planned. We also had the pleasure of sharing communion with these blessed people of God.   After the church service everybody had a positive response to the service. I overheard Logan Blackford saying, “I wish I could to this church every Sunday.”

After we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q we headed to our second place of worship, The International House of Prayer, also endearingly known as IHOP.  At IHOP they have a 24-hour worship and praise service going at all times.  I could personally feel God’s presence as I seated myself in the prayer room and just let God just come over me as I prayed.  As the worship team plays music people can come and leave as they like as they pray.  Not only do they an awesome prayer room, but also a great coffee shop with a very homey feel.  If you are feeling a little bored while you’re drinking your coffee you can always buy a book from the bookstore to feed your soul as you drink.
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Overall this was a great trip and each one of us would say we had a great time.  When we crawled out of the van around 10 p.m., our souls were fed to the max, but our bodies were tired.

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