Students expand their boundaries with five new favorite off-campus locations

By Sarah Miller – Horizon News & Features Editor

Ask a few students what there is to do in Hesston, and you’ll get a lot of the same responses: movie night in the pit, campus golf, and of course, a late night Druber’s run.

But five students explored places outside of Hesston and discovered some new hotspots. Here are a few of their top choices.

Mead’s Corner

Courtesy of Mead’s Corner Facebook page.

Joy Driver, a sophomore, is always looking for a cozy coffeeshop to do homework and relax at. Mead’s Corner, a Fair Trade Coffeehouse in Wichita, fulfills those wishes with comfy chairs and endless hot and cold drink options

“Mead’s Corner is such a cute place with an energetic atmosphere,” Driver said. “I walk in and immediately smell the strong coffee scent.”

During the daytime, it may be a cute coffeeshop, but in the evening, audiences enjoy live music events and entertainment.

One evening when I was there they had an impromptu show for the event,” she said. “The actors had the audience crying with laughter the entire time.”

Driver finds more motivation to do homework when she has a latte in her hand, and Mead’s Corner is happy to help with that.

Hesston Golf Course

Courtesy of the Hesston Golf Course Facebook page.

Wyatt Roth, a junior, admits he doesn’t get off campus often. When he does, he enjoys classics, such as Applebee’s or Druber’s. But another favorite is an afternoon spent at the Hesston Golf Course.

“The driving range is a more affordable activity and can be even more fun if you’re just looking for some lighthearted fun,” Roth said.

For just $6 for a bucket of golf balls, he can spend some time outdoors with friends.

“The golf course has a relaxed atmosphere that always makes me want to come back,” Roth said.

Wichita Ice Center

Courtesy of the Wichita Ice Center Facebook page.

Jonae Hochstetler finds stress relief from her senior year of nursing school every time she glides across the ice.

Ice skating has been a part of her life since childhood.

“Since I’m from Minnesota, skating feels like a piece of my home,” she said.

Hochstetler and her friends like to go to the Wichita Ice Center, where usually it doesn’t get too crowded.

After a few hours of laughing and, occasionally, a wipeout, Hochstetler likes to finish the evening at Hurt’s Donut.

Courtesy of the Hurt’s Donuts Facebook page.

“Hurt’s is a cool little donut shop in Wichita with a retro vibe,” she said. “I love going there to laugh with my friends and devour a maple bacon donut.”

Coronado Heights/Kanopolis State Park

Sophie Miller, a freshman, experienced the thrill of Kansas exploration when she visited Coronado Heights and Kanopolis State Park with the Travel Kansas Club.

The club started at Coronado Heights, with a view that allowed people to see Kansas prairies for miles in all directions, she said.

“After an easy 15-minute hike, we explored the castle as well as the many different old outlook areas, which had old chimneys and picnic tables spread around on the edges of the bluff,” Miller said.

Courtesy of Travel Kansas members.

Kanopolis State Park provided longer, more difficult hikes, with caves and a gorge along the way, she said.

“A Saturday activity like hiking is great after a week of classes,” Miller said. “It’s nice to experience a little adventure here in Kansas.”

Et Cetera Shop

Sadie Prowell, a sophomore, appreciates a good bargain. That’s why thrift shopping is one of her favorite past times. Luckily, a good thrift store is nearby in North Newton, Kan.

As a broke college student who is obsessed with clothes and little trinkets, I have come to love thrift shopping, specifically at Et Cetera,” she said.

Courtesy of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Prowell, who goes to Et Cetera about once a month, is constantly impressed by the new selection every time.

Thrift shopping has always been enjoyable for me because of the unique things I can find,” she said. “I have had a recent history of getting some really good finds at Et Cetera so it has really made me want to go more.”




Sometimes students need to get away from campus, even for a little bit. Whether it’s to a coffee shop or to the mountains of Kansas, there’s always something new and fun to experience if you do a little exploring.


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