Students hear from church representatives at recent “Meet and Greet” event


by Cheri Baer – Hesston College Horizon Staff

Why should college students take time from their busy schedules to visit church on Sunday morning?

“Because we will make them feel welcome,” Brenda McGinness, member of Kingdom Life Ministries says emphatically.

She wasn’t the only one making students feel welcome at the Root Beer Float Meet & Greet on Aug. 26. Several area church representatives gathered in the Lark’s Nest to chat with students over root beer floats and provide information about their congregations.

In a packed Larks Nest students fell in line for floats as Todd Lehman, campus pastor, toted pails of ice cream to the two serving tables. Friends spoke to each other while church reps answered whatever questions students had. One of those conversations was with Vicky Siebert, member of New Anthem Church, Park City. It’s a new church “on fire for the Lord,” according to Siebert. Kiarra Boetgger, HC sophomore this year, agrees:

Ron Moyo, a pastor at Whitestone Mennonite Church. Whitestone is a popular local option for Sunday services. Photo by Olivia Copsey
Ron Moyo, a pastor at Whitestone Mennonite Church. Whitestone is a popular local option for Sunday services. Photo by Olivia Copsey

“[It’s] nice because there is a group of Hesston Students that goes every week, including myself, and some of the members of the congregation [have] taken us under their wing… I appreciate how the pastor, Landon, picks apart a Bible Passage and relates it to us today. He doesn’t sugar coat things and he is very real with the passages and makes it engaging!”

McGinness says the church body can be a great support system for students far from home. Lydia Holland, a sophomore, attended Kingdom Life last year and enjoyed its charismatic services.

“I love (the worship) because it feels freeing, like I’m able to express myself through the worship without anyone judging me.”

Isaac Landis, youth pastor at Whitestone Mennonite in Hesston, emphasized how Whitestone represents a variety of ages, theological backgrounds and locations. Crystal Schwartz from Grace Crossing Church in Newton, handed out flyers and spoke about how at her church, everyone is welcomed, from divorcees and single parents to the kids wearing jeans or sweatpants.

Lehman recognizes that Hesston College can not fill every student need. He says attending a church of your choice can help fill in those personal gaps.

“We (Hesston College) can’t be all things to all people.” Whatever you are missing in your faith on campus, “You can get that Sunday mornings.”

For more directions, service times, different denominations, or other information about area churches, drop by Student Development. Lehman will be happy to help you.

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  • Hesston Mennonite Brethren – September 13
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List of Churches/Addresses

Mennonite Churches:

  • Whitestone Mennonite Church – 629 Crescent Dr, Hesston, KS 67062
  • Hesston Mennonite Church – 309 S Main St, Hesston, KS 67062

Charismatic Churches:

  • Kingdom Life Ministries – 505 S Ridge Rd, Hesston, KS 67062

Non-Denominational Churches:

  • Grace Crossing Church – 101 S Christian Ave, Moundridge, KS  67107
  • New Anthem – 425 East 61st St N, Park City, KS 67219


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