Shepherd’s pie, sunsets and construction: Students reflect on spring break

by Abby Musser Co Editor-in-Chief

We’re two weeks into the final stretch of 2015-2016: We’re battling the flu, we’re cramming for speech exams, we’re finalizing college applications. Amidst the chaos, it’s fun to look back on an easier time: spring break. May the memories fuel you as you stare down the last six weeks.

Photo courtesy of Cheri Baer

Over break I had the chance to reconnect with my mom’s side of the family. My grandma and grandpa, several uncles and aunts and quite a few cousins live in Bonners Ferry Idaho, up in the Rocky Mountains, and I spent seven days with them. I hiked with my cousins, held my aunts newest baby, and got to actually cook and bake again. (I made Shepherd’s Pie and cookies). Every evening my grandparents and I read books and nearly always played Rummikub before bed. It was like being home again — but on the other side of the States. (Cheri Baer)

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Roth

Spring Break was spent in Florida, camping with some friends. We hung out by the bay and went downtown to art galleries. At night, we sat and talked around the campfire. My favorite part was watching the sunset over the ocean. (Hannah Hostetter)


For spring break I took the Amtrak into Albuquerque with Adrienne [Derstine]. Over the course of the week we went to small stores, went hiking a day, watched movies, read, walked around the BioPark, and generally took it easy. It was also a good time for Adrienne because she was able to meet up with people she knew and worked with from Service Adventure. (Anna Miller)

Erin Brubaker; Photo by Fred Flores

For spring break I went to Puerto Penasco, Mexico with several other Hesston students and faculty.  It was shocking to see what the poverty is like down there: trash scattered everywhere, half-built houses, stray dogs, and tiny homes.  We had the opportunity to build a house for a family of seven with the help of another group from Texas.  Together we built the house in three days and dedicated the home to the family on the final day.  At the dedication we sang worships songs (some singing in English and others in Spanish) and gave the family a Bible with underlined verses and all the workers’ signatures.  Although building a home was a big priority, making relationships with the family and people down there was a huge part of the missions trip as well.  The rest of the day we spent in the touristy area on the beach and bartering at the market.  We then traveled back to Phoenix, Arizona and spent the next couple days there exploring the busy city.  Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to go back there again. ​(Cierra King)


Rose Yoder tends toher family’s cattle. Photo by Johanna Burkholder

For spring break I went to my house and Rose [Yoder] came with me. I showed her around my hometown and we spent time working with cattle. We also ate lots of good homemade food along with going out to eat at my favorite restaurants. Then on Wednesday we drove to my camp, Camp Camrec (Leavenworth, WA). After seeing my camp we walked around Leavenworth which is a tourist town with a Bavarian theme. On Thursday we drove to Seattle and spent the day at Pike’s Place market and other parts of Seattle. The rest of the break we spent at my house before flying back to Kansas on Saturday. (Johanna Burkholder)










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