There’s a new spot around town

By Boni Garber – Horizon Opinion Editor

A promotional image for "128 The Spot," an Internet radio program hosted by Josh Lightsey, Marcus Ruiz, and Marcus Barbosa.

There are no lights. There is no camera. There is only music, entertainment and action. Radio podcast, 128 The Spot hosted by Marcus (Marco) Barbosa, Marcus Ruiz and Josh Lightsey began as a podcast on February 23, and has quickly become a topic of conversation at Hesston College. Airing every Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. 128 The Spot has generated over 60 likes on Facebook and averages 20-50 regular listeners each week. The idea for the podcast originated from Barbosa, who grew up in a family where creating music and homemade radio dramas on cassettes was the norm. “I went home over Christmas break and met up with a friend who hosts on a radio show, and I got inspired,” said Barbosa. “It reminded me of the radio shows I would do with my cousins and uncles when I was little.” After meeting with Ruiz, who quickly agreed to the idea of helping to show host a podcast, Barbosa began to look for someone with nike air max pas cher recording equipment. “Marcus and Marco kept bugging me for weeks about the podcast,” said Lightsey “You know how some people present an idea and then never act on it? Well, Marco and Marcus just weren’t like that.” Inspired to start a podcast, Barbosa, Ruiz and Lightsey’s goal for the podcast is to provide a place for entertainment on campus that is different than other radio stations. “Everybody gets bored on campus sometimes and this provides a variety of different of music and topics available for discussion,” said Barbosa. 128 The Spot offers music from Adele to David Crowder Band, and anything in between. As a way of reaching to the students, 128 The Spot also covers a variety of topics from relationships to spring break, and counts on its listeners to spread the word. “We are all about our listeners,” said Lightsey. “We love to see how many listeners we can touch because we’re more than music and entertainment.” 128 The Spot will continue broadcasting for the rest of the school year, but future plans for the podcast is still unclear. Because of Ruiz’ graduation in May, the podcast may have to close only after a few short months of air-time. But, Lightsey is still optimistic about the future. “I would love to keep this podcast going next year. I think we can reach a lot of people,” said Lightsey, “But even if we can’t, its [doing a podcast] a whole lot of fun.”

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