You have the floor, God

IMG_8845By Nathaniel Ressler – Horizon Religion Columnist

The Lord is my strength or at least, that is who I want to be my strength. I get a glimpse of how weak I really am when I try to use my own strength. And even in my failure and shortcomings I still do not get that it is my weakness that makes me fall.

I know all of the words to say and I know the “right” things to do but I still come up empty. And in that it seems God has abandoned me. But perhaps I have abandon God to an extent. When I forge ahead, alone, I trip. Every single time that I seek to confront this issue called life with my own strength I am overwhelmed. Every time I am flooded with guilt, and every time it tears my soul.

To truly have Jesus be my strength would be the best thing ever and it is so easy. Yet, I am held back. I am held back by this earthly chaff, this flesh of mine. Please, Jesus, I want You to be my strength; be my strength; be my strength.

You have the floor, God. Tell me what you will and I will seek to hear it. Lord, give me the ears to hear your word. Thank you, that you speak to us. Thank you, that you care for us. Thank you, that you strengthen us. May we see the power and perfection of your strength and cling to it. May we cling to you, Jesus. I love You.

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