Eight ways to make Hesston College fun

By Zile Ncube – Features Editor

photo by Masayo Sotah
photo by Masayo Sotah

Many of us are coming from big cities and may often get bored in a small place like Hesston. If you think college is going to be a  learning experience, you are right. If you think that the learning experience is going to be about particle physics or late century Scandinavian literature or whatever your major is, you are only half right. The truth is, some of us may need to learn how to have fun at Hesston College. So here are a few boredom fighters for you Larks:

  1. Socialize with people that you rarely talk to. Expanding your friend cycle and branching out will help you  meet people that have the same interests as you and this will create strong friendships.
  2. Clean your room. The general rule is “the messier you are, the more neat your roommate is.”  Try to pull it together. Learning to adapt to someone else’s living style is more fun. Trust me.
  3. Pretend that you are  not bored. Go through the English dictionary looking up for long words like ”discombobulated.”  This is fun.
  4. Look your best. Wear deodorant. Make an impression. Find your own style. You don’t have to wear what everybody is wearing.
  5. Laugh out loud . Lol.
  6. Wear bright colors  if you can. Do not be afraid of looking uncool. Nothing is more uncool than being apathetic.
  7. Listen to music and take a walk with your friend. Have that girl talk and laugh hilariously.
  8. Attend sporting events and meet new people. Socialize even with that one hottie you are afraid to talk to.
  9. Make the most out of college. Remember ”happy people are busy people”









































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