A little bit of culture

by Josh Booth – Horizon News & Features Editor


Living in Hesston can limit our exposure to the world. There is not a lot of diversity in the town’s demographics. There are a couple Mexican and Chinese restaurants in the area, but not many opportunities to experience different cultures.

This is why I hope you were able to be at the Cultures Fair last Tuesday, March 26. The international students set up booths representing their countries, and gave us a taste of their nation, literally.

Kelvin Ferbianto, who is from Jakarta Indonesia, served a meal from his home.

“This is strips of chicken served with a peanut sauce,” explained Kelvin.

Our brains were also given a nice treat, as we learned more about the countries these students represent. There were fun facts being projected throughout the fair. For instance, did you know Kenya has only two seasons? A dry season, and a rainy season.

In addition to the cultural education, we were given dinner and a show, as a few students performed either dances from their countries or songs. Four female students from the Congo, Souzy Tuseku, Merveille Kabeya, Jessica Ndayi, and Gracias Komuesa, performed a dance that captivated the crowd.

The Cultures Fair was a great way to incorporate a fun experience with learning more about the world around us.

“I am very glad I came,” said Keller Broadfoot. “This has been a great learning experience for me.”

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