A Q and A with the 2012-2013 RAs


Fifteen women and 17 men have been chosen to fill resident assistant positions for the 2012-2013 school year

Last month, 32 freshmen were named resident assistants for 2012-2013. These students are chosen to be leaders on campus and all are anticipating their new role on campus next year. Each of them has a unique perspective, but they are working for the common goal of pulling students together into the tight community that Hesston College is known for. Alyssa Rychener sat down with a few of them to hear their thoughts on the job, their goals, and their outlook on the year.

Why did you want to be an RA?

“I just thought I’d really like the leadership opportunity it provides and it gives me a chance to get to know some of the new students that will be here next year. Plus I’m super excited about sharing my faith with them and showing off my patient side when they pull stupid stunts.” – Luke Ropp

“Well my roommate ditched me, so I figured I might as well! But really I thought that it would be a good leadership opportunity and I am excited to have a sweet mod!” – Mariah Martin

“I feel like RAs have the ability to make or break a first impression of Hesston College, and I’ve had really good experiences with RAs and I just want to give back a little and help others experience the same things I experienced.” – Mallory Eicher

“Why I decided to be an RA is that I wanted to have experience for later in life. Dealing with conflict is something you will deal with in relationships and families and being an RA is a way that I can become a better leader and serve others and create stronger relationships with those around me.” – Michelle Moyer

What are you looking forward to about being an RA?

“I am looking forward to getting to know all of my girls and planning all sorts of fun mod activities.” –Mollie Nebel

“I’m really looking forward to being a leader for the incoming freshmen and for the other sophomores as well.” –Nathan Bray

“I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know everybody in my mod and also pranking Michael Oyer’s mod.” – Neal Brubaker

What are you anticipating will be the most challenging part?

“Probably being able to relate to everyone and finding times that everyone can get together for activities.” – Ian Croyle

“I think it might be hard to blend in with people of different cultures. It’s already hard to blend in with American students so blending in with people from other cultures will be harder. But I’m still looking forward to it.” – Vicky Gunawan

Why will your mod be the best?

“My mod will be the best because Nathan Bray’s mod is the brother mod.” – Jacob Landis

“My mod will be the best because of three reasons. First, it’s in between Michael Oyer and Derek Swartzendruber’s mods. Second, there will be many a couches. And thirdly, there will be a ping pong table.” – Preston Hornbeck

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