Anticipation builds for Northlawn renovation


by Austin Braddock – Horizon News Editor

As this year comes to a close, ominous beeping sounds come from Northlawn, workers with hard hats are balancing on scaffolding, and orange fences circle the perimeter, keeping unauthorized people out of the danger zone. By next fall, Northlawn is expected to be fully renovated.

Students next year in Northlawn will find many changes that include improved music experiences and a theater that will finally  “feel like a theater space,” according to Ken Rodgers, music faculty.

Improvement 1: Fewer shared music spaces

Before the renovation, the music and theater departments had to share rooms with other classes. Every time the music department had guitar practices or music lessons, they would have to put the room in order for the next class period. Now, after each music class or practice, the students won’t have to tear down or move stands to make way for the next class because the class or practice rooms have been dedicated to each individual department in the fine arts program. This includes having around eight practice rooms.

A glimpse of Northlawn. photo by: Eleya Riam
A glimpse of Northlawn, mid-renovation. Photo by Eleya Raim

Improvement 2: A real theater

The changes to the building will also enrich theater experiences, for both students and the audience. The new theater space will feature a green room, a changing room with a washer and dryer, and two sets of double doors leading into the theater. They are also replacing the carpet floor of the theater stage with a wooden stage “which will allow for easier movement, and will allow us to build set pieces for that space,” says Laura Kraybill, theater director. While waiting in the green room, actors can watch the play and wait for cues.

Students who want to see visual updates of Northlawn, and witness the changes, can check out this video link for the latest changes.

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