Athlete of the Week: Esteban Michel

Eva Dwyer – Horizon Sports Editor

This Hesston men’s soccer team has come a long way since last year’s losing season. Co-captain Esteban Michel (Liberal, Kan.) has played a key role in that success, according to head coach Michael Armstrong. He says Michel is one that is truly a team player and knows his team and wants success for his teammates.

Photo by Larry Bartel

“When you have a leader that is that selfless and dynamic on the field others will follow,” said Armstrong. “He also did a great job helping the team become a unit.”

Michel returns the compliment. He says he has great admiration for his coach.

“My favorite thing that I have that is unique from Hesston is that I have built a relationship with my coach that I have never had with any coach before,” said Michel. “I really believe that he is like a father to me and I am just so grateful that I can have a relationship with someone like that.”

DJ Reyes, a freshman teammate, says Michel’s knowledge of the game is what has helped their success.

“It was key in bringing us together at crucial times of the season.”

As a sophomore, Michel helped bring more wins for Hesston soccer alongside Oliver Wisseman, sophomore co-captain.

“Esteban had a lot to do with the success we had this year. His ability to vocally lead the team on field and control the middle was crucial,” said Wisseman.

William Mendez, a freshman teammate describes a good teammate as someone who “pushes you in order to achieve greatness.”

Mendez remembers playing Michel in a scrimmage.

Photo by Larry Bartel
Photo by Larry Bartel

“I had possession and in order to push me to my limit, and finally take the ball away from me, he grabbed my jersey and tried pulling me backwards away from the ball while tearing a hole into my jersey.”

Michel’s way of bringing the men’s team together this year was vital to the men’s success.

“He has a really good way of sensing how the team is feeling, so when things are down he’ll tell some jokes and lighten things up, or if there isn’t enough focus he will push us to buckle down and do better,” said Wisseman.

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