Athlete of the Week: Jessanna Nebel

By Kristin Troyer – Horizon Editor-in-Chief

Jessanna Nebel Photo by Sarah Booth

Growing up with Kauffman Court visible from her front yard, Jessanna Nebel has never been a stranger to Hesston College. And, as the daughter of two Hesston alumni, she always knew there was some expectation for her college experience.

“I knew that my parents always wanted me to go to a Christian school – for sure Hesston and preferably after Hesston as well,” Nebel said. “I came to Hesston because both my parents and two older siblings did, and growing up across the street, I was exposed to a lot of the college activities.”

Nebel attended volleyball and basketball games and spent time hanging out with her sister, Mollie, in her dorm room. But it was playing club volleyball with Jessica Cleveland, Hesston’s former head volleyball coach, that sealed the deal for Nebel as she made college decisions.

“Working with Jessica took away the pressure of having to try out for the team,” Nebel said. “I had already worked with her for two years and that connection got me involved before I was even a student.”

But Nebel isn’t just the daughter and sister of Hesston alumni who had special connections to the program. She also is a fierce volleyball player. As one of the team captains, she shows leadership and also admirable athleticism.

“Jessanna is one of the most versatile players that I have seen in the game in a while,” Coach Deedee Landes said. “She can pass, set, hit and play defense. She has a very competitive spirit and will step up in any situation and give her best.”

Nebel’s competitive spirit shows off the court as well.

“Jessanna has a lot of drive in life,” Landes continued. “She wants to do well in whatever aspect she is involved in; she takes academics seriously and loves to process life with others.”

Nebel can often be found working on her homework in the library not even five minutes after class is over. Her organizational skills are top notch which has turned her into a very successful student-athlete.

“I just want to get it done!” she explained.

As for after Hesston, the family influence wasn’t as clear, but Nebel hasn’t had a problem making her own choices.

“Each of my family members went somewhere different after Hesston,” Nebel explained. “My plans next year are to attend Tabor to play volleyball and major in psychology and minor in biology.”

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