Athlete of the Week: Kyle Good

By Kristin Troyer – Horizon Editor-in-Chief

Kyle Good. Photo by Sarah Booth

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition between family. At least that’s what Kyle Good thinks. Not only does the cross country team run together in practice six days a week, it’s common for the team to run with each other during meets, pushing each other to be better.

A sophomore runner at Hesston College, Good says the best part of running is the people – people he considers his family.

The cross season is now over, but Good was able to compete strongly despite some setbacks due to a reoccurring injury throughout the season.

Kyle Good competes in the Butler Invitational at El Dorado. Photo by Larry Bartel
Kyle Good competes in the Butler Invitational at El Dorado. Photo by Larry Bartel

“Kyle was our number one runner at a very strong regional meet on a challenging course in the Sand Hills at Hutchinson,” cross country coach Gerry Sieber said. “He has battled sore calf problems all season long, but was able to put a good five mile effort together.”

At regionals, Good ran a 30:23 on the 8K course, placing him 62nd.

As for his role in the family, Good places himself as the older brother – a role his teammates and coach affirm..

For one, he is older than most on the team having just turned 21. Good came to Hesston last year after taking a gap year in Philippi, West Virginia following high school. But his age isn’t the only thing that makes him the older brother.

“Kyle isn’t afraid to step in as a leader when we need him,” said Jonah Short-Miller. “But he also isn’t afraid to find his own fun in a situation.”

Known for pouring water on people’s heads at meals and his three-foot long, foam swords, he definitely isn’t afraid to discover fun without worrying what other people think.

Older brothers like to pull pranks, but they also are full of wisdom, and Good is the kind of person who appreciates thought-provoking conversation and ideas.

“Kyle is a great thinker, and  he’s always able to state the other side of an issue which I really appreciate,” Professor Michele Hershberger said. “Yet it’s not just about thinking for Kyle. He’s also thinking about ethics and integrity.” One example how he feels about learning is that he’s auditing Herberger’s 8 am Jesus and the Gospels class.

“If that’s not awesome I don’t know what is,” she concluded.

At this point, Good is trying to make plans on what to do when he leaves his Hesston College cross country family. Looking at either EMU or Goshen, he’s looking into history education or English education.


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