Campus Style Watch: A style that changes

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Have you met Adele Hofer yet?  If not, you’re sure to never forget her. With a warm smile and eye catching style, this lady was a sure choice for this week’s Style Watch.  Adele is modeling a comfy favorite, complete with Birkenstocks, trendy high waisted coal black shorts and stripes galore.  Keep a look out for Adele and the fabulous fashion on Hesston’s campus.  Who knows?  You just might be featured in the next issue of the Style Watch!

Student:  Adele Hofer

Adele shows off her personality and cute, trendy, ever-changing style. Photo by Eleya Raim

Where She Calls Home:  Greenwood Village, CO

Major:  Psychology

Why is this outfit one of your favorites?

“I chose this outfit because I love my high waisted shorts and wearing stripes on stripes.”

What do you think that your style says about your personality?  

“I think my style says I like to have fun!”

Favorite Piece of Clothing or Accessory and Why?

“My favorite piece of clothing and something I almost wear everyday are my Birkenstocks. If I’m not wearing them, then my roommate or mod mates are.”

Fashion advice?

“Buy Birkenstocks! They go with almost everything.”

Where is one place that everyone should shop?

“Support a local boutique! They will always have one of a kind pieces.”

Favorite fashion story?  

“Back in high school I had always wanted to wear overalls but I was still at the point where I worried what people might think about me. I finally bought a pair and just embraced that it was different. Now I love different and unique styles.”

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