Campus Style Watch: Dare to be you

Erika Byler models one of her daily trend-setting ensembles. Photo by Eleya Raim

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Student: Erika Byler

Where She Calls Home: Shipshewana, Indiana

Major: Theatre

The Look: Erika is making her mark on the fashion world of Hesston College in yellow skinny jeans, a charcoal knit sweater, black leather jacket, striped scarf and glittery high top tennis shoes.  Not only is Erika setting trends with her clothes, she is sporting a confident new haircut!

Why this outfit? “I chose this outfit because I like how all of the pieces fit together and because it’s warm.  When I wear this combination, I have been told that I look like everything from a bumblebee to a character from Harry Potter.”

What does this ensemble say about you as a person and your sense of style? “I try to be unique and this is one of my brighter outfits.”

Favorite thing about this look? “I really like the colors of this ensemble and how they all fit together. It bothers me if my clothes don’t match in some way and sometimes”

What would you call your personal style?  “These days, I am moving towards a punk rock with a little bit of 50’s house wife thrown in. When I dress up I turn into the housewife!”

Fashion advice? “If you like the outfit and you think that it looks good on you, don’t worry about what others are going to say.”

Were you trying to impress anyone when you got dressed this morning?  “Yes. I sort of always try to impress people in general, but at the same time I try to remind myself that I don’t need to impress anyone. But, I feel better about myself during the day when I think that I look good. My mood is sometimes really dictated by my outfit.”

Funny Fashion Disaster Story?  “I don’t really have a singular disaster. It was just sort of all of high school.  I was one who believed in wearing whatever I thought looked good and not worry about what anyone else said.  I got a bunch of square dancing skirts from my grandmother. One was bright purple with an orange petticoat underneath, a green t-shirt and orange, purple and green hand warmers that I made myself. It was kind of a cute outfit, but I would just wear it for school and stuff and it was just a little much. I went from that to wearing black and gray and white now. I used up most of my color when I was younger.”


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