Campus Style Watch:  Mixing the traditional with modern

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Galed Krisjayanta mixes Indonesian and American style with his signature look. Photo by Eleya Raim
Galed Krisjayanta mixes Indonesian and American style with his signature look. Photo by Eleya Raim


Student:  Galed Krisjayanta

Where He Calls Home:  Indonesia

Major:  Vocal Performance

The Look:  Galed is modeling his own unique cross-cultural ensemble.  Nike boots, maroon jeans and a blazer highlight the traditional Indonesian Batik.

Why this outfit?  “I like this outfit because I like to look clean, professional and classy.”

What does this ensemble say about you as a person and your sense of style?  

“I am here as a performer and I need to look professional and be myself.  I want to be different, not just follow other people’s trends.”

Favorite thing about this look?  “The shirt is made in Indonesia and the blazer has a good color contrast.  I like to mix dressy and casual.  I also really love my hair.  It takes a lot of time for me to do and I love the smell and style.”

What would you call your personal style?  “Vintage, classy and a little bit of hipster.”

Fashion advice?  “Make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable and that it fits the activities that you are doing.  As a college student I want to look professional and ready for my day.”

Were you trying to impress anyone when you got dressed this morning?  

“Oh yeah.  Of course.  Yes!  I enjoy people telling me that I look nice.  It feels good.”

Funny Fashion Disaster Story?  “Back in Indonesia I was singing with my jazz band.  I wasn’t able to go to my last meeting because I had other plans.  I didn’t know the dress code for the concert and I thought that we were going to wear all white.  So, I got my all white outfit.  White tuxedo, shoes, everything!  It was very shiny.  But, when I got to the concert, everyone was wearing all black.  I was like, “Well guys, no one told me.”  It was surprising, but I didn’t really care.”

How does fashion differ between Indonesia and the United States?  “Indonesia is a tropical place close to the equator.  So, we mostly wear summer fashions.  In my city, our famous fashion is the Batik, which is the kind of shirt that I am wearing.  Nelson Mandela’s favorite piece of clothing is the Batik!

How do you combine styles from two different cultures?  “I combine them just like I am right now.  I use my Batik as my shirt and the American blazer.  I want people to know that I am an Indonesian, but still follow the fashion trends.”

Other advice:  “Be comfortable in what you wear.  Following the fashion is good, but don’t overdo it.”

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