Campus Style Watch: Professionalism and Practicality

Donavan Tann models his practical, yet classy style with a friendly smile. Photo by Eleya Raim

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Teacher:  Donovan Tann

Subject:  English

The Look:  Donovan combines class and comfort with a navy blue blazer, gray slacks, a checkered button-down.

Why this outfit?  “For me, this outfit strikes a balance among professionalism, comfort and practicality.  On cold days like these, I try to layer as much as possible so that I can shuffle between buildings on a tight schedule and still feel comfortable in the classroom.”

What does this ensemble say about you as a person and your sense of style?  “As a professor here at Hesston, I try to model some of my high expectations for students through my professionalism.  Presentation is at least a small part of that.  I try to balance that out with a sense of fun that is friendly and approachable.”

“In general, I try to have a little bit of fun with the more traditional looks or styles that I enjoy.  That appreciation for new takes on old ideas is part of my overall style or aesthetic- I love working with tests, books, or films that conjure up and then subvert some of our expectations.”

Favorite thing about this look?  “Almost everything is interchangeable, so I can work almost everything I own into a version of the same overall look.  I have a tendency to try new things and experiment- that’s why I’m always reworking something in my classes- and that arrangement gives me enough variety to keep things interesting.  Being able to wear a number of items that I know were produced under ethical working conditions is a particular bonus for me.”

What would you call your personal style?  “A slightly dressy blend of preppy or ivy style with some classic American styles and a dash of color.”

Fashion advice?  “If I could give any fashion advice to myself as a college student, it would be to pay attention to fit.  It doesn’t matter how much (or little) something costs or whether it’s the style of the moment- if it doesn’t fit well, it’s going to stay in your closet for years, and you won’t feel confident wearing it.”


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