Deck the mods: Students get into the Christmas spirit

christmas modby Amanda Parker – Horizon Features Editor

It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting ready for the holidays and counting down the days until Christmas break. Since the dorms are a home away from home, students in the mods like to decorate the lounges and rooms with Christmas decorations.

Some of the things that people are doing are hang lights up on the walls or around the windows. Christmas trees are also being put up. Students usually get little ones they can put on a counter or dresser. Another thing students are doing are put jelly stickers on the doors or windows in their room. Some another decorations students are putting wrapping paper and 3D snowflakes on doors. In the mods and lounges they are hanging snowflakes from the ceilings.

However, to avoid safety hazards, there are some restrictions for decorating the mods:

  • No lights along the ceiling of the mods
  • Paper may not cover more than 20% of the walls3D snowflake
  • Emergency doors can’t be blocked

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