Faculty/Staff Profile: A Q and A with David Horst

by Chris Thuma – Horizon Co-Editor

Q. You were a student here, is that correct? How was that experience for you?

A. It was a life changing experience for me. Coming here I didn’t really know anybody but I soon was able to connect with my mod in Erb. It showed me that I can be a leader and gave me the opportunity to lead worship.

Q.  What kind of pranks were pulled here when you were a student?

A.Well, one of them was to my really good friend. I rearranged her room. Another one that one of my buddies pulled was putting a duck head into the microwave and heating it up for five seconds. He got a stern talk to from student life.

David Horst is an Admission Counselor for the East coast. Photo by Larry Bartel, Hesston College Marketing and Communication

Q. Why did you decide to become an admissions counselor?

A. Well, I wanted to do it because I loved how much fun the admissions counselors had when I was here and I wanted the same so I decided I wanted to do it. I also do it because I build relationships with students from wherever they are from.

Q. What is most difficult aspect, if any, about your job?

A. It’s a lot of work but I still love it. The one that probably hits me is when you build a                                               relationship with a student when you’re recruiting and they decide to move on to another college. That’s probably the most difficult thing about my job.

Q. What are your top three places you like to go to when you see students?

A. I really enjoyed Ohio; I love the new experience when I go there.  Florida would be my next one and finally Pennsylvania, where I am from.

Q. What is your favorite part about your job?

A. The people that I work with. We are a close group and we like to have fun.

Q.  What would you tell students here at Hesston about the two years you were here?

A. Being here Hesston made me take a step of faith. Hesston made me [step] up and do things I never had done before.

Q. Where did you go after Hesston and what changes were there to make, if any?

A.  Eastern Mennonite University. It was a different type of environment; I really thought the dynamics were different because it was four year college. But I made new friends really quick so I guess it was hard at first but I adjusted to it.

Q.  What’s one thing that students wouldn’t know about you that you do?

A. Well I am a very musical person. I play the guitar and jam out in my car and sing at the top of my lungs. You wouldn’t believe what I got in my playlist. I got a lot of stuff in there like Lady Gaga and some other good music.

Q.  What do people think of your deep voice?

A. They ask me if I was a bass singer. People tell me I have a commanding voice and I just love it.













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