Fair combines food, music and a cultural education

By Courtney Wengerd – Guest Writer

The upbeat rhythm of Kiroro’s popular song “Best Friend” filled the air among the small crowd of students gathered in front of the stage. The two performers pulled the microphone away from their mouths to let laughter escape. Grinning at each other throughout the performance, the two girls undoubtedly embodied the theme of their song: best friends.

“I don’t have to worry anymore, cause you will be by my side,” they sang softly in Japanese.

The duet, by Yoshie Ueno and Masayo Satoh, was just one of the many highlights the Cultures Fair offered last Tuesday, Feb. 20. The international students set up booths with images, food and drink, presenting a small taste of their country’s culture.

Awah Hammad, a first-year student from Sudan, shares about his home during the Cultures Fair.
Awah Hammad, a first-year student from Sudan, shares about his home during the Cultures Fair.

Yuu Sakaguchi, who is from Japan, served his countries take on an egg omelet along with teriyaki chicken. Another group from Vietnam served a sweet Lychee fruit with ice.

In addition to tasty foods, other countries were represented by their taste in clothing.

Yoshie Ueno from Tokyo, Japan, wore a traditional flowered garment from her home.

“It’s called Yukata. It’s a summer kimono,” said Yoshie.

The Cultures Fair provided a unique opportunity to experience the diverse cultures  represented in the student body of Hesston College.

In past years, this event was coordinated by serving a multi-dish meal to students in the evening, cooked by the kitchen staff. Becky Armstrong, this year’s organizer, gave students the option to participate as well as take the initiative in representing their culture and cooking their own food.

“The international students loved being able to cook their food and enjoyed eating it. To them it was a feast and socially they enjoyed being able to share that with others from their country, as well as with non-international students,” said Becky.

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