Five bands you don’t love…yet

By Kendra Litwiller – News and Features Editor

Looking for new music to change things up?  Students who listen to some lesser-known bands have reviewed their top five for you to check out.

Cameron Ponce:

Fun:  They just released their second album in March, and they are gaining a lot of momentum with their single, “We Are Young.” The best thing about them, however, is that their live recordings are just as good as the studio work!

La Roux: The first album was released in 2009, and they are getting ready to release their second. This is an indie electropop group inspired by the dance mixes of the ‘80s. They won a Grammy in 2011 for their debut album.

Taylor Funk:

And The Traveler: This theatric Christian band started in 2009 and released their first full-length album, He Who Set Forth, in 2010. The band tells stories through their songs with a one-of-a-kind sound that is influenced by all other genres.

Tyler Yoder:

Deas Vail:  Deas Vail is a band that has been around since about 2006, but this whole time they have lurked in the shadows of the bigger bands and haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve.  They have an indie rock feel to them and the lead singer, Wes Blaylock, has the voice of an angel.  His wife, Laura, on the keys and back-up vocals, just gives it a nice round feeling.  On their most recent album, Deas Vail, Laura steps up and takes the lead a couple times so they have nice variety as well.

La Dispute:  At first-listen, many people disregard this band as a weird, post-hardcore outfit.  But give them a few listens and you are pulled in by the poetry of the words.

“There’s a melody in everything. I’ve tried to find the harmony but nothing seems to work; nothing seems to fit.”

The lead “singer,” Jordan Dreyer, seems to switch between speaking, yelling, shouting, and screaming at random throughout the songs.  However, once you can listen to the story that the song is telling, like in the songs of King Park and Andria, you are taken in and can’t stop the song halfway because you need to know how it ends.  Give their new album, Wildlife, a try.  You may hate them – many people do – but you may love them as well.



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