Student life department sees leadership changes

Sophomore Nick Yoder  and new RD Brent talks about the pizza that they are making.
Sophomore Nick Yoder and new RD Brent Brockmueller get acquainted during the game and pizza night.

By Nick Yoder – Horizon Staff Reporter

With a new semester comes many changes: New classes, new professors, new students, and new routines.

But with a new ministry assistant (MA) and a new resident director (RD), students may notice this change more than others.

Maria Diener, a freshman from Mississippi will be stepping into the MA role, replacing  Amy Seibel, who graduated in the fall.

Diener said she is excited to be working with the MAs, but is a little nervous stepping into the role as a freshman halfway through the year. But despite her anxiety, her goals are clear.

“No matter where people are in their faith walk I want them to feel safe and loved,” Diener said.

MAs can often be seen around campus leading bible studies, performing in chapel, or leading other organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Peace and Service Club, and Campus Worship. Another role is to simply to be an ear for those who need it. Having a confidential person to voice your concerns, trials, and triumphs to can have a significant positive effect on a persons psyche.

Another significant change in student life is the arrival of a  new RD. Brent Brockmueller, a former RD and Hesston College admissions counselor, will fill the role left by Mitch Stutzman, who now works in the development office.

Brockmueller, who prefers the name Dogg, explains that his prior experience as an RD and an admissions counselor has given him a good knowledge of the school and students, allowing him to step into the RD role with much less hassle. Brockmueller says he’s looking forward to getting to know the students.

“I love interacting with them on their best and worst days,” Brockmueller said.

In order to get better acquainted with the students on campus Brockmueller and his wife, Angie, will be holding an open house early this semester so that students can explore their new living space.

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