Hesston couples share engagement stories

by Austin Braddock – Horizon News Editor

Couple: Lucas Caywood (Buhler) and Tihani Palomares (Mililani, Hawaii)

How they Met: Tihani, a Hesston College “Mover & Shaker,” helped Lucas move into his room.

Lucas Caywood and Tihani Palomares: Photo by: Eleya Raim
Lucas Caywood and Tihani Palomares: Photo by: Eleya Raim

Wedding Date: July 15, 2015 or August 1, 2015

Wedding Place: In order to save for an apartment, the couple plans a courthouse wedding but anticipates a “real wedding” in two to three years.

Proposal: On Jan. 3, 2015, soon after they started dating, Lucas proposed to Tihani by taking her to a walking trail in Hutchinson at a spot known as the “wedding nook.”  Why the whirlwind romance? As Lucas says, “that’s the point of dating someone if you’re not thinking of marriage and why wait a couple of years when you know you want to be with her for the rest of your life?”

Future plans: To finish their teaching degrees at Emporia St. as a married couple

Advice for other couples: To think of the woman first, to be committed to each other, get married for the right reasons, and to learn to communicate well. Whenever they have problems or disagreements they talk things over and eventually things work out.

Alex Hiebert and Davis Cook: Photo by Eleya Raim
Alex Hiebert and Davis Cook: Photo courtesy of Alex and Davis

Couple: Alex Hiebert (Buhler) and Davis Cook (Goessel)

How They Met: They knew each other all throughout high school, ever since Davis transferred to public school in 6th grade.  They have been best friends ever since.

Wedding Date: May 30, 2015

Proposal:  On July 8, Davis proposed to Alex by taking her for a car ride in the country that ended with a flat tire purposely caused by Davis. According to Davis he put a rock in the valve stem so he would have to stop and change the tire. Why? That way he could naturally be on his knees when he proposed to her. (Unfortunately he forgot the air pump to pump air back into the tire.)

Future Plans: Alex is going to Kansas State University full time while Davis will go to KSU part time, getting an EMT job to support both of them.

Advice for Other Singles: Their advice for singles is don’t settle just because a relationship is available. As Alex said, “The hard part is waiting until God thinks you’re ready for a relationship.”


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