Home for the holidays is not an option for some students

By David Flores Cano

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and many students go back home and spend time with their families. Unfortunately for some, going home isn’t an option. For international students, home is too far away. For other students, like Jacob Boller, making the trip for Thanksgiving just doesn’t make sense.

“I will see my parents soon enough at Christmas,” he said. “I don’t mind. I’d rather stay than go back twice in a short time.” 

For Rachel Weaver, missing Thanksgiving is a bigger sacrifice. 

“I’m going to miss being home and having fun with my family, making dinner, playing board games, watching the football game,” she said.

Other students like Alik Gillman will make the best of their time on campus. 

“I will be taking some time for myself to reflect on the semester and enjoy not having class,” she said.

Not spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with your family can be pretty sad, but Esmi Hernandez is looking on the bright side.

“Just know that your friends can serve as your family until you get to see them again,” she said.  



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