Horizon Recommends: Stress-free Christmas presents

By Gabriella Audrey

Christmas is just around the corner! You can hear Christmas songs blasting through the hallways of Erb Hall and see the decorations transform from the scary spiders of Halloween to Christmas stockings hanging on the wall. Christmas might mean going back home or maybe just snuggling up in a blanket with your family, but it can also mean giving or receiving gifts. Don’t know what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Don’t worry, we got you!

Gifts for Nursing Students

Curated by Kate Kilmer, Senior

Gifts for Beauty Enthusiasts 

Curated by Kerem De La Cruz, Freshman

Gifts That Scream Hesston College

Curated by Christie Hoskisson, Bookstore Manager and Carla Hurst, Preschool Teacher and Bookstore Assistant.

Gifts for Artists

Curated by Hanna Eastin, Art Professor, Regier Friesen Gallery Manager

Gifts for Fine Art Enthusiasts

Curated by Hanna Eastin, Art Professor, Regier Friesen Gallery Manager

  • Arrange a studio visit with an artist they like or you want to share with them
  • Paint/craft/pottery night events in their local area

Gifts for the Dorm Room

Curated by Muskan Budha Magar, Sophomore

Gifts for Foodies

Curated by Karen Audreyella, Junior

Gifts for Readers

Curated by Cory Allen, English Professor

Want your gift to be more about spending quality time together? Or something that last beyond giving present? Read on!

Movie Recommendations

Curated by Donovan Tann, English Professor and Department Chair

Book Subscription Recommendations

Curated by Cory Allen, English Professor

One of the best gifts for an avid reader is a subscription to a book club.  These catered boxes deliver new reads every month. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions:

  • The Bookworm Box – This club comes with an autographed copy of a book and donates their profits to charities.  (Starts from $9.99)
  • Once Upon a Book – This subscription comes with gifts that are designed to be opened at specific points during your reading. It is like a book scavenger hunt. (Starts from 34.99)

You finished the article! Now go get presents for your loved ones!

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

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