Humans of Hesston College: Molly Bruner

Molly (1 of 1) DSC_0058

by Olivia Copsey – Horizon Columnist

When I was younger I was made fun of because I was very overweight and I was always the biggest tallest girl in the class, like taller than all the boys, all the girls, everything. My mom said I used to come home and cry every day to her because I was made fun of. And I had just never had a great outlook on myself and not a lot of self worth and as I got older and just got a lot more compliments form people and things like that and I started to realize, and obviously I’m not overweight anymore but like, I started to have more self worth and people would tell me like, “Wow, you look really nice today!” or, “Wow you’re so beautiful!” And so that’s really helped me a lot to overcome that and realize that that’s my past and that that’s not who I am today. There are still some times when I feel like that 4th or 5th grader but I’ve come a long way since then.

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