Indonesian students learn multiple languages

By Yoshiki Kasai-Horizon News and Features Editor

If you have learned a language such as Spanish and French, you know it is difficult.  But what if you are learning a character-based language such as Japanese or Chinese? That difficult task just got harder.

It takes years to be able to use one foreign language. Can you imagine how hard it would be to learn more than one language at the same time? Believe it or not, some of international students from Indonesia at Hesston College are learning multiple languages. Vicky Gunawan, a sophomore, is tackling Japanese.

Vicky Gunawan, a sophomore, is learning Japanese.

“I decided to learn Japanese three years ago because my mom told me to learn Japanese,” Gunawan said. “My mom lived in Japan for two years so I am interested in Japanese culture. I think that’s why I found Japanese easier than other Asian languages.”

Gunawan says she really enjoys learning Japanese and can have simple conversations in Japanese. She is also interested in learning French in order to pursue her dream: traveling all around the world. She says she will not stop learning languages.

Nadia Asprila, a freshman, is learning English and Chinese at the same time. She took a Chinese class for six years in Indonesia because the class was a requirement.

“I learned mostly writing and reading so I can read and write a little Chinese,” Asprila said. “I want to improve my Chinese, especially my speaking!”

Asprila provided a few tips for learning languages: “First of all, you have to be curious when you learn a language,” she said. “It’s also important to enjoy learning.”

Crisentia Celine Gregor, a freshman, also has a lot of language experiences. She learned Japanese, Chinese and also German in Indonesia because she was required to take those language classes in school.

Like Gunawan, she’s focusing on leaning Japanese. She studied Japanese for three years and she can even read some Japanese. She frequently studies with her Japanese friends.

“To learn foreign languages, it’s important to be patient, ask people, and learn culture,” Gregor said. “The more language you know, the more knowledge you get.”






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