Inked: Students explain the meaning behind their tattoos

Trey Greening: The three roses represent past family members that died that were very important to me (Susan Rangel, Joseph Greening, and Jennifer Juarez). The cross symbolizes God, and so with the roses wrapping around the cross, that shows they are protected by God, even when dead.

Sarah Keck: The tattoo has two main meanings. The first one is to show my love for the ocean. I have been scuba diving since I was 14 and the ocean is my happy place. The second is a reminder to “go with the flow” with anything in life.

Mauricio Cruz: It reminds me of my grandparents, because they used to have a house on a lake and a nice view of the mountains, trees, and the lake. 

Lorren Oesch: I’ve always been drawn to nature, and discovering my relationship to it is how I meet the Holy. This interest connects with Matthew 6:28, which challenges me to remember that God takes care of creation, especially me. God has created natural systems so precisely. Trees communicate with and feed each other. Plants model peacebuilding as they coexist in diverse habitats. They are resilient and rooted and beautiful. It is inspiring, and I am a part of it. The three plants on my arm, an Aspen tree stem, a Sagebrush stem and a poppy, each serve as a reminder of all of this and connect me back to places that have been instrumental in my growth.

Adrianna Ruiz: This tattoo represents one of my homes. I’ve lived in Kansas for three years since I’ve been going to school here. Kansas state flower is a sunflower so I wanted something that represents where I’ve grown into my own person.




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