Late night bargaining

By Saralyn Mast – Horizon News and Features Editor

Students walking by the Larks Nest may have noticed something odd: clothing bales. These bunches of tightly-layered, multi-colored clothes are mystery to more than a few students.

“Do you know what the bailed clothes in the Larks Nest are for?” I asked Brad Sandlin, a sophomore.

“Negatory, I do not,” he replied.

I asked him what he thought they were for. “For sitting on?” he said.

Sandlin is partly right. They have a greater purpose than just furniture, though. These colorful bales made up of reused clothing and scrap materials are there to advertise College Night, Thursday, April 26 at Et Cetera in Newton. This event will last from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Come and enjoy live music, free donuts from Drubers, free chai from the Leaf Tea Lounge, and free t-shirts to the first 100 people in the door.

Being college students, many cannot afford to spend $50 on a pair on pants. With many of their clothes priced below $3, Et Cetera can help. This store is part of a network that encourages donations, volunteerism, recycling and alternative consumerism.

“It is a place where people can bring things that they don’t need anymore like clothing, TV’s, books and much much more and drop them off,” said Lauren Weaver, a sophomore. “Then other people who don’t really have that much money, including college students, can come and buy reused things at a lower price and much more affordable price.”

 “It is awesome! I love it,” Weaver exclaimed. “You can buy coffee mugs for 25 cents!”

For those who attend, you are not only gaining something new for yourself, but you are helping other people in the process. One hundred percent of their net income goes to Mennonite Central Committee, a non-profit organization that meets basic needs for men, women and children with the goal of bringing peace and justice all around the world. Newton Et Cetera Shop has also partnered with other organizations like the Harvey County Homeless Shelter.

Weaver described shopping for reused things at Et Cetera as “very easy and fun.”

What will Weaver enjoy the most about College Night?

“Seeing friends from other colleges like Bethel, to be honest,” she said. “And just the awesome atmosphere of that night!”

Reminders: Don’t forget your college ID. Also, Et Cetera only takes cash or checks, no credit cards. There address is 619 N. Main St. Newton, KS 67114. Don’t forget to carpool!

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