Legendary Larks: Lydia Holland anticipates year in Zambia

by Emily Kauffman – Horizon Features Editor

After hearing Dan Bumstead, leader of Love’s Door for All Nations speak at chapel last year, Lydia Holland, began pursuing her dream of living in Africa. Holland, a sophomore from Russell, Kan. is majoring in elementary education major with a minor in music. After graduating from Hesston in May, Lydia plans to move to Zambia, Africa where she will work with Love’s Door for All Nations, an organization that seeks to invite Jesus into the hearts of rural Zambians.

Q: What will you be doing in Zambia?

A: Holland will help tutor kids at the nearby school that whose second language is English. “Since they focus on individual strengths and gifts, I told them I also enjoy leading worship so might be able to help with that.”

Q: Who were the people that encouraged you to pursue this option?

A: Marissa King (professor of education) for encouraging her to pursue the internship, her parents and church for supporting her. “I haven’t always had a heart to be a missionary. During my junior year there were missionaries that came to speak at a church from Kenya, and it was then that I felt like God was calling me to go to Africa.”

Q: What are the experiences that you’ve had that influenced your decision to pursue this opportunity?

A: She points to the experiences she’s had serving overseas as being influential in her decision to take a year off and do service. In high school, Holland had the opportunity to go to Honduras with her church. “The mission trip to Honduras really helped me learn that when you’re going to another place culturally, you have to have humility. I really enjoyed getting to just talk with the people, being able to hear their stories, and being able to pray with them. Relationships, are for sure what is appealing about this opportunity.”

Q: How do you anticipate it will help you in the future?

A: Holland looks forward to seeing how this opportunity will transform her and prepare her for working in schools in the United States. “I want to be able to draw closer to God through this experience. I want to be able to understand myself more. I want to be able to have a better of understanding of how to work with kids, especially those who don’t know English very well. Knowing that I will teach in the U.S. I hope from living in Zambia to be able to be more culturally aware and sensitive.”

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: “Just being able to get to go to Africa. One thing I do hope is to meet my dream guy. That’s not the main thing, that’s just a bonus. I am definitely excited about seeing what God is going to do. I’m excited about the unknown. I want to see transformation in myself.”

Lydia Holland will join "Love's Door for All Nations" after graduating in May. Photo by Eleya Raim
Lydia Holland will join “Love’s Door for All Nations” after graduating in May. Photo by Eleya Raim

Q: What would you say to students who are considering taking a year off to do service after Hesston?

A: “Do research about the organization and country itself if you are thinking about going overseas.”

Holland also named spending time in prayer as a meaningful way of gaining clarity about her next steps.

“Be open minded and flexible to other ideas because things are not always going to go the way you planned, that’s just life. Don’t rush, if God’s calling you to. Let him, have dependency on Him. That’s something that my mom has told me. Also, it’s not about you. It’s never about you, because it’s really about loving others and loving God, and if God chooses to use you through whatever. He calls everyone.”

Q: What are you most nervous about?

A: “I’m still kind of nervous about how God will provide for me in terms of money. I’m speaking at my church and other people about donating money.”

Note: If you are feeling led to support Lydia in this way, contact her via email at lydia.holland@hesston.edu.  


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