Lincoln Moyo has a vision

by Emily Kauffman – Horizon Features Editor

It’s hard not to be inspired by Lincoln Moyo. Listening to him talk about the ways God has been at work in his life challenged me to be more attentive to the ways God is at work in my life as well.

Lincoln, a sophomore, grew up in the second largest city in Zimbabwe: Bulawayo.

It was in Zimbabwe that Lincoln realized his calling: He wanted to lead people to God.

Lincoln Moyo: Photo by Eleya Raim
Lincoln Moyo: Photo by Eleya Raim

“I was invited to a leadership retreat with other other leaders from my school,” explained Lincoln. “That experience was the most intense I’ve ever felt God,” Lincoln said. “I remember I was standing in worship and prayer and feeling the presence of God running up through my body. I could feel the movement of God and this made me hungrier for God.”

In Lincoln’s school in Zimbabwe he was the president of a club called “Scripture Union,” an organization that’s mission is to encourage Bible reading and prayer among people of all ages. Lincoln was the youngest person ever to be a leader of this club that eventually became the largest club in his school.

In “Scripture Union” Lincoln taught lessons that involved looking at scriptures and discussing topics such as lust, dating, as well as the different callings in ministry, no matter what form that calling takes.

“Just because you’re not called to be a pastor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. There is value in embracing your calling which is not in the public eye,” Lincoln explained.

While living in Zimbabwe, Lincoln met a man he considers his mentor and best friend. He calls him “Prophet Brian.” The two met when they were both invited to preach at a service for youth.

“When Prophet Brian was preaching  I was amazed at the way he spoke and how strong the presence of God was in that place,” said Lincoln. From that night on we became friends. The first time God told me to start attending his church there was an all-night prayer service. I heard God telling me that I should submit and learn from this man.”

Lincoln’s past has led him to begin thinking about his future and what he aspires to do.

“One day I am going to start a ministry called ‘Christ for Young People,’” Lincoln said. “The vision of this ministry is to establish the government of Christ in the hearts of young people.”

Lincoln’s calling is to teach and demonstrate the reality of heaven down here on Earth. His hope is that his ministry will spread to many different places around the world while creating a “kingdom-minded” people.

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