Looking beyond the horizon: A last word from the editor

By Mackenzie Miller – Horizon Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Jaden Hostetter.

“The Horizon.”

It’s a fitting name for a college magazine published in 2017-2018. After all, this was a school year that began with most of us looking well beyond that line where land and sky meet. We were gazing toward the sun. And as the moon covered the sun on that monumental solar eclipse, the world was enveloped in darkness for just a few moments as the promise of light hung near.

At times throughout this year, the darkness overshadowed the light. The gun violence debate in the United States escalated, government policy closed doors on Dreamers and natural disasters showed no forgiveness for places such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and several U.S. states.

It is in times like these that we must look for the light to find promised hope.

This hope comes as Muslims and Christians join in interfaith dialogue together, as campus life groups form to provide comfort and support through these hard times, as students join the Women’s March and the National School Walkout to speak for government action and wear shirts in support of DACA, and as the Light Eternal Masterworks performance and Run the Neuf event gave voice to the people we have lost in the past year. The 2017-2018 Horizon featured these stories of hope.

Amidst the darkness, light will come.

This inaugural year of the Horizon Magazine marks both the light and the darkness present throughout. Articles represent our many voices, our stories and our faith.

And as we bring these stories together, we form a community. A community that, as President Joe Manickam reminded us, is deeply grounded, but evermore globally engaged.

But the journey still continues amidst the light and darkness on our campus and around the world. We hope that the stories we have shared in this past year will continue to encourage peace, advocate for justice and accurately represented the community that is Hesston College even after the school year has ended.

Thanks for a great year.

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