Magic Steve presents “Obsession Deception”

By Victoria Cortez – Horizon Staff Reporter

Sophomore Stephen Cabe, also known as “Magic Steve,” will perform a magic show, Feb. 7.

“Come for the party, stay for the show” is the motto for this year’s magic show, titled “Obsession Deception,” but Cabe, a sophomore, says the performance also contains more serious themes: Deception, trust, and illusion.

“As humans, so often it’s really easily for us to be deceived, whether it’s because of magic or because of someone else straight up lying to us,” he said. “I kind of see that best in everybody and I trust them until they give me a reason not to, and that can be really dangerous.”

Another illusion Cabe hopes to illuminate is the stereotype of baseball players. Cabe says he wants people to see student athletes like him as more than jocks.

“By showing people a little bit of what I do, outside of baseball, people realize I have interests,” Cabe said. “I’m not all about sports and neither are all baseball players.”

Sophomore, Steven Cabe presents his promotional photograph for his magic show Obsession Deception.
Promotional photo for “Obsession Deception” courtesy of Stephen Cabe.

Without revealing his top secret “set list” of tricks, he says that about half of the show will be cards and the other half will be “different than usual.”

Let’s just hope those new tricks go according to plan.

“If I mess up any of the tricks, it’s not that big of a deal,” he said. “However, if I mess up my finale, there’s a very good chance I could actually inflict a lot of danger and pain on my part. There’s a very good chance I could not be playing baseball for a while.”

With that thought on his mind, Cabe said his finale will explain the difference between trusting your feelings and trusting the truth.

“Be ready for a good time,” Cabe said.

With about 150 people in attendance last year, Cabe says he wants to exceed that with a goal of 200 people. The Feb. 7 show will be held at Hesston Mennonite Church at 8 p.m, and doors will open at 7:45 p.m. Entry to the event is $3. Proceeds will benefit Hesston College baseball.

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