Men’s Soccer Team hit rough times, but have positives

By Trey Greening

Having a one of the best years in a while last season, with a 7-12 record, the Men’s soccer team hoped to have a breakout year, knowing all the new talent that came in from the freshman class. The season was anything but that. The team went through an uphill battle, going against big teams like Barton Community College, Cloud County Community College, and many more. Throughout all those battles, they were only able to come out with two wins the whole season.

“I think it was just communication,” Freshman Trevor Avila said, “Couldn’t finish, sometimes the defense would have mistakes that they shouldn’t have.”

Though, they were still able to pull out positives from a rough season that could have gone a lot worse if the comroderity was not there. “Playing was just fun,” Avila said, “The team got along most of the season, until our last game against Pratt because we knew we could have won.” There are high hopes for the freshman, as they are preparing for a big season next year, learning a lot from the Sophomores. “All the challenges and failures help make us better human beings and soccer players,” Freshman Disleve Kanku said, “We are prepared to be better leaders for the freshman next season.”  

The coaching staff has already picked up a signing this season, as Spencer Steinhoff from Maize South High School joins the Larks for the 2019-2020 season.

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