Need a cheap date idea? Think beyond half-priced apps

by Meredith Spicher – Features Editor

As college students, there are several problems we face. We deal with lack of sleep, lack of nutrition due to too much Ramen noodle soup and Nutella, lack of self-confidence because of our bad grades, and of course, lack of money.

There, I said it. We have no money; and if we do now, we probably won’t have much after graduation, what with all the student loans. So, now that 30 days are up, how are you supposed to have a fun date around Hesston without spending a lot of money? Well, here are some tips and ideas for your burnt-out wallet.

Stargaze. The Kansas sky is unbelievable beautiful, especially at night. The stars are so brilliant and vivid, contrasting perfectly with the darkness surrounding them. Guys, if you take a girl out there, I guarantee she’ll be swept off her feet. An added bonus would be to find a friend with a truck, put some blankets and pillows back there, and just chill in the bed of the truck while looking at the stars.

The Sand Creek Trail at Bethel College. Photo courtesy of Kendra Burkey
The Sand Creek Trail at Bethel College. Photo courtesy of Kendra Burkey

Walk. Have you ever walked through the Arboretum at sunset? The orange light from the sky reflecting off of the flowers and the water is breath-taking. And if you’re up for a short drive, try the Sand Creek Trail on the north edge of Bethel College campus. Old, Osage Orange trees and honeysuckle bushes envelop you as you walk on the wood mulch trail; it’s about as close to a hike in the forest as you can get in central Kansas.

Watch the sunset on the bleachers. Whether soccer or baseball, the bleachers give you a perfect view of the sunset. The soccer bleachers would be prime for a good picnic spot too. Lay a blanket on the grass behind them, eat some food (who doesn’t love to do that?) and just watch the sun as it slowly sets in the distance.

Wander through a sunflower field. It may be too late now, but the sunflower fields just south of Hesston on Ridge road are amazingly beautiful. Seeing rows and rows of orange seeming to shine through the darkest of situations. It’s a must-see for sure.

There are so many other things to do in Hesston, believe it or not. It just may not be as evident as it is in other places. Adventure’s out there, you just have to explore.

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