No injuries in nearby house fire

Billy Bass – Horizon News Editor

No one was injured in a small house fire in the 200 block of South Lancaster March 24. The call was made that evening at the former Hesston College president’s home, now used as a rental property by the college.

A small fire damaged a home owned by Hesston College. The property is located just behind Keim Center.  (Google Sat. Imagery)

Facilities Director Jim Mason told The Horizon that a dehumidifier in the basement was the source of the fire.

“It just smoldered,” said Mason. “The extent of the damage is not structural, just smoke damage throughout the home.”

The residence is occupied by three nursing students. Two of the students attend Hesston College currently.

The home, which hasn’t been renovated since it was last used as the Bible Center in the late 80s, is being professionally cleaned by a home restoration service. The basement is significantly smoke damaged and portions will be gutted and cleaned.

The “Hesston Center for Bible Study” in the late 70s. The property was damaged in a recent fire in the home’s basement. (Hesston College Archive Photo)

Hesston College insurance will cover the cost of the damage to the home, less a deductible, as well as cost of cleaning and/or replacement of personal property of the three occupants. Estimated cleaning and restorative work on the property is still being determined.

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