Recent Internet upgrades should address speed, access problems

by Austin Braddock – Horizon News Editor and Kendra Burkey – Horizon Advisor
Tired of slow Internet? Frustrated at waiting for several minutes to have a video load or the Internet dropping out altogether? Don’t despair. Better, faster Internet has been put in place at Hesston College.
The Hesston College information technology department (IT) has been working on the Internet connection all year. The first upgrades were planned for Christmas break, according to Russ Neufeld, director of information technology.
“We did have plans to extend the wireless networks further, and that was completed, increasing from 26 to 43 access points in the dorms,” he said.

Photo by: Eleya Raim
Students’ mixed experiences with Internet performance may soon even out with recent upgrades. Photo illustration by Eleya Raim

This increased the amount of WiFi connection available around campus, but it didn’t increase the amount of data that can be used at any given point of time. This is clearly evident to Colton Eby, one of many students who are frustrated with our Internet speed.

“I do have more WiFi,” he said. “However, the speed is the same.”

The second upgrade, installed last week, was supposed to address that problem. Neufeld reported in a campus email today: “We have upgraded our internet connection and main campus firewall for a dramatically larger and more secure internet connection.”

Neufeld says the changes will mean tighter security against viruses and other dangers, but also improved performance, including faster Internet services for both students and teachers.

Neufeld says the feedback to IT so far has been very positive, with many of the previous problems being improved or eliminated.

“Large class responsiveness, video performance during peak load times (7 p.m. – 1 a.m.) are all reporting substantial improvements,” he said.

However, if students are still having trouble with the Internet, IT would suggest checking if other students are also having similar issues, and email IT at with a description and contact information.

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