“She Loves Me” debuts Friday

Students rehearse for upcoming musical, "She Loves Me." Photo by James Kang

by Nathan Peters – Horizon News and Features Editor

“She Loves Me,” a musical romantic comedy, debuts Friday at 7 p.m. in Hesston College’s Northlawn Studio Theater.

The production, directed by Hesston College’s theater director Laura Kraybill, features a lighthearted performance with live, catchy music, energetic actors, humor, romance, vibrant sets, and an engaging storyline set in a 1930s perfumery in Budapest. The story follows two arguing shop workers who don’t realize they are secret, romantic pen pals, leading to hilarious drama as the secret unfolds.

Rigorous rehearsals for “She Loves Me” began January 7.

“Each week we spend an average of two hours a night, Monday through Friday,” said David Rudy, who plays lead role, Georg Nowack.

“On top of that actors with major parts may spend 30-45 minutes every day with lines,” explained Rudy. “Also, towards the end of rehearsals, Hesston College actors are expected to paint sets.”

But Rudy finds all the hard work worth it.

“It will lift your spirits so much” he said, “It’s a phenomenal show.”

David Rudy plays Georg Nowack in Hesston's production of "She Loves Me," debuting this Friday. Photo by James Kang

But if you are still unsure about “She Loves Me,” other members of the cast urge all to take in this experience.

“The story is filled with endearing characters and it is easy to follow. It’s a story that lets you enjoy yourself,” said Morgan Martin, who plays a leading role, Illona Ritter.

Broxton Busenitz, who plays lead role Steven Kodaly, had this to say of the show: “Warning: wonderful memories inside.”

Martin also urged all to come see the performance, because Hesston College only features one musical every two years.

“It’s relatable and filled with lively musical numbers. You’ll be sure to leave with a smile,” said Martin.

“She Loves Me” will be presented February 22, 24, 28 as well as March 1, 2, 3 at Northlawn’s Studio Theater. Performances will begin at 7 p.m. with the exception of 3 p.m. Sunday performances. Admission is $14 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased at the Hesston College Bookstore, by phone at 620-327-8105 or online at books.hesston.edu. Tickets will also be available at the door 45 minutes before each show while supplies last.

Students wishing to receive a free ticket may contact Laura Kraybill about being a ticket taker or an usher.

Cast Members include:
David Rudy: Georg Nowack
Kayla Kauffman: Amalia Balash
Broxton Busenitz: Steven Kodaly
Morgan Martin: Illona Ritter
Josh Booth: Mr. Maraczek
Nathaneal Ressler: Arpad Laszlo, Paul (Couple)
JD Hershberger: Ladislav Sipos
Brent Yoder: Waiter, Caroler
Deni Brummer: First Costumer, Couple, Caroler
Rebecca Rhodes: Second Customer, Caroler
Bonita Garber: Third Customer, Caroler
Megan Goodrich: Fourth Customer, Caroler
David Penner: Mr. Keller, Caroler
Mitch Stutzman: Viktor (Couple), Caroler
Emmali Lapp: Busgirl, Caroler
Hannah Weaver: Nurse, Caroler
Tien Tran: Stefanie, Caroler
Faith Denwalt: Magda, Caroler
Becca Slabaugh: Dancing Couple, Caroler

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