Students wrap up Bib Lit with Heilsgeschichte

Caron Stephen – Horizon Staff Reporter      

Professor Michele Hershberger with the visual timeline of the Heils.

Spring is a time that brings fresh air and beautiful sunshine. But for freshmen Jeshurun Shuman and Lincoln Moyo, there are bigger concerns: the Heils is here.

For students taking Biblical Literature, April 20-25 is the week for the Heilsgeschichte, the recitation or writing of the biblical timeline.

Some students took a couple of hours to type out the Heils’. Others chose to recite the historical timeline of the Bible to their professor with personal aspect of their own lives tied in.

So how have students been able to study for such an event that requires a complete memorization of the timeline of the Bible? Simple. Practice.

“The visual timeline makes it easy to understand the history, actually the purpose of the class, and also how someone’s faith is shaped from beginning to end, said Shuman. “For me I just learn by listening to others read their Heils.”

So the general consensus is that most of the students prefer using the audio recordings of others as the best way to study. It was even recommended as the best way by previous students to prepare for April.

But it’s still challenging.

“Dates, for me, seem to be the hardest part to remember,” said Moyo.

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