The 30-Day Rule

Billy Bass – Horizon News Editor

I was in my Writing for Media class when I first heard “the 30-Day Rule” mentioned. My first thought was expired canned foods. However, I soon learned that this is not what the rule referred to.

So, what does it mean? The 30-Day rule suggests that students should refrain from engaging in a dating relationship during their first month at Hesston College.

The 30 day ‘rule’ is an unwritten rule in place that benefits the development of all student relationships, not just dating ones,” said Bethany Miller, Hesston College admissions counselor.  

Two Hesston Students greet each other as they walk to Forum at Hesston Mennonite Church.
Two students greet each other as they walk to Friday’s forum at Hesston Mennonite Church.
Photo: Billy Bass- Horizon News Editor

Miller says that students may miss out on social opportunities when they focus on romantic ones. 

“The first month of college is so formative- you’re finding out who you are and who you want to be friends with, and to rush into a dating relationship right away might hinder other relationships from forming.”

Waiting 30 days may also be good for couples, said Miller.

“As an admissions counselor, we love to see the students we’ve gotten to know so well meet each other.”


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