The college doesn’t even have a track!?

By Kristin Troyer – Editor-in-Chief

Look, I just want to get one thing straight so I’m just going to say it and get it over with: The track team exists.

In fact, look at all the stuff we did at the Friends Invitational while you didn’t know we existed:

  • Levi Litwiller: Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles – 16.48;  Men’s 400 Meter Hurdles – 1:00.93
  • Avery Pike: Men’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase – 11:37.47
  • Sadie Winter: 1500 Meter Run – 5:19.68
  • Angus Siemens: 1500 Meter Run – 4:47.40
  • Austin Troyer: Shot Put – 11.93 Meter; Discus – 24.96 Meters

It’s a shocking concept for some, and I get that – kind of.

“The college doesn’t even have a track!” is the most common argument we hear, as if they need to convince us, members of the team, that we shouldn’t exist.

I obviously knew there isn’t a track on campus. Let’s be real, if I was a serious track athlete looking for a top-notch program with top-notch facilities, I wouldn’t have chosen Hesston College. I like to run and I like the team, so here I am.

Members of the track team, which totally exists, training. Photo by Sarah Booth

Speaking of the team, they’re another reason people don’t believe we exist. We blend in very well with the cross country team, but we’re like unicorns in a herd of horses. The six of us work hard – practice or a meet six days a week – while the cross country team is in off-season.

Angus, Levi, Sadie, Avery, Austin, and I are trucking right along. Three meets in, the women are breaking records. You know, since there aren’t any to break (Hesston had men’s track team in the 60s but no women’s team because women weren’t athletic until like the 80s).

We have meets every Saturday for the rest of April and the first weekend in May; many of them not a far jaunt. We would most certainly love some support.

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