The Hesston advantage: Take it!

By Stefanie Ruhs – Horizon Opinion Columnist

“Hi, this is Stefanie. I am calling from Hesston College to talk to you about your college plans.”

As a student recruiter for Hesston, this is how I start phone conversations every Wednesday and Thursday night.  It is my job to get people interested in coming here, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem less interested once they find out it is a two-year school. I can´t blame them for not knowing the advantages of a two-year school. But the real question is, do you know what advantages you have?  Do you use them?

If you look at four-year schools there are many things you can do to be involved in college, things that will look great on a résumé later. The only downside: Things that look good are mostly reserved for juniors and seniors. Where else do you see freshmen and sophomores in lead roles in theater productions? Solos in the choir? Newspaper editor? Ministry Assistant and RA? Starter in a sports team?

I could go on, but I think you get my point. Hesston gives you the opportunity to be involved, especially now when most of your time is still spent on stuff that is not directly related to your major. The junior and senior year of college will be different; studies get more serious. A two- year school gives you the opportunity to live it up and gain experience in extracurricular activities before it gets serious.

This does not mean you should not take your studies seriously; by all means make sure you have the grades you need. But the point is, do something else, on top of what’s required.  Think about this as you register for 2012-2013 classes. The skills learned by writing for the newspaper, broadcasting a radio show or being the costume manager for the next play will be invaluable.

It will also make you look more interesting on a résumé. You will look more social and more engaged. It will show your ability to connect with people and how much you were involved. According to University Language Services, employers will look for your skills in leadership (like captain on a team) or writing skills (newspaper). Volunteering does not make you look bad either – it makes you look engaged.

Everybody in college is expected to study. What you do besides studying is what´s going to make you stick out.   So the next time you don´t really know what to do with that extra time you’ve got, look at the opportunities that Hesston gives you. Once you move on to the next college, look at the juniors and seniors who are only then getting those experiences and say, “Yeah. Been there, done that.”

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